golden retriever facts

49 Golden Retriever Facts

  1. Broader Head and Body 

European Golden Retrievers usually have a broader head and body, but they’re the smallest of the three types of Golden Retrievers. 

  1. Height

For a male Golden Retriever, height can range from 23 – 24 inches. While females are slightly shorter with a height range from 21.5 – 22.5 inches. 

  1. Weight 

Males usually weigh anywhere from 65 – 85 pounds. Females can weigh from 55 – 75 pounds. We have met some 100 pound Golden Retrievers though! 

  1. Cost of a Golden Retriever Puppy 

Owners can expect to purchase a purebred between $1000 to $4500. The price paid depends on the show status, location, breeder’s reputation, and pedigree. 

White European Retriever
  1. Perfect Family Dogs 

They make perfect family dogs because they’re so loving, playful and gentle. Their playful nature makes them perfect companions for children. 

  1. Loves Games 

Golden’s love to play games! Especially games that involve retrieving. We also recommend getting puzzle toys for them like a Kong wobble to keep their minds entertained and active. 

  1. Cheeky and Mischievous 

Golden Retrievers are known as very intelligent dogs. However, they can have a mischievous side to them! Don’t be surprised if you walk away from the dinner table and your plate of food is gone when you get back. Some are also known to swallow socks and toys as well when their owners aren’t looking. 

  1. Be Careful 

Although Golden Retrievers like to eat, they’re not always able to digest everything. We recommend puppy proofing your home to avoid any unwanted procedures that may occur if your Golden eats too many socks, or random items in the house. This could be dangerous for them and cause a major blockage. 

  1. Thinner and Darker Coats 

Canadian Golden Retrievers usually have a thinner and darker coat than their American and English counterparts. They’re also taller as well. 

golden retriever playing outdoors

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