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49 Golden Retriever Facts

  1. Their Fur Darkens With Age 

Just as human hair grays as we get older, Golden Retriever’s fur also darkens with age. Then it lightens with gray hairs in their senior years. 

  1. Champions!!! 

The first 3 American Kennel Club obedience champions were Golden Retrievers. 

  1. Loudest Bark 

Golden Retrievers are known for being loud and mouthy. But, did you know they hold the record for the loudest bark? Charlie, the Australian Golden Retriever, has the loudest bark clocking in at 113.1 decibels. 

  1. 5 Tennis Balls 

Augie, a special Golden, was able to hold five tennis balls in his mouth. Way to go Augie!!! 

golden retriever puppies
  1. Expected Lifespan 

A Golden Retriever’s expected lifespan is 10 to 12 years. However, some do live longer with care, a great diet, exercise and lots of love. 

  1. Prone to Cancer 

Sadly, cancer is common in Goldies. This is one of the reasons why their average life expectancy is less. It’s crucial to request a genetic test from a pup geneology when you’re looking to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy. You want to find one with very little cancer history in their genetic pool. 

  1. Chub Chubs 

Because Golden’s love to eat, they’re often overweight. This causes a lot of health issues, especially joint problems as the Golden Retriever ages. It’s estimated more than half of Golden Retrievers are overweight! But, with proper exercise and controlling their diets, you can keep them at a healthy weight all through their life. Just have to make sure you don’t give into them when they beg for more food! 

  1. Black Golden Retriever Aren’t Real 

No one knows how this myth came about, but black Golden Retrievers do not exist. There are hybrid’s where a Golden Retriever breeds with a dog that has the gene for black fur. But, then that wouldn’t be a purebred Golden Retriever. 

  1. Mini Golden Retrievers Don’t Exist 

Who doesn’t want a mini Golden? Well, they don’t exist. They’re often bred with a smaller bred making them a Golden Retriever mix. Sometimes they have dwarfism genes that result in a smaller Golden Retriever. There are also some instances where breeders will breed runts together to produce a smaller version of Golden Retrievers. However, this will not yield in a true “mini” version because mini’s are usually less than 25 lbs. 

  1. Rare White European Retrievers 

Rare White European Retrievers are also known as English Cream Golden Retrievers. They’re often claimed to be healthier than Golden Retrievers from America. Their coats are paler and sometimes have longer hair. 

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