3 Ways to Get Spring Cleaning Done with Your Fur Baby Around

Dog with stick vacuum

Perhaps you have the best of intentions of finishing up that spring cleaning in your home. However, you have one obstacle that just keeps getting in your way: your fur baby. No matter what kind of pet it is, he or she keeps distracting you, making the place all messy again, or worse, ends up getting into the items that you’re trying to get rid of. Because spring cleaning is already stressful in itself, here are three methods for spring cleaning with a pet in the home.

Clean a Different Room Each Day

Pets need attention. If most of your attention is spent on cleaning the entire day, then you can be sure that your fur baby is going to be up to no good in order to garner your attention. A way to split your attention evenly is to simply clean a single room a day. This frees up a lot of your time and allows you to entertain your pet in the way that he or she needs. It also makes spring cleaning easier in general. You can also make it a priority to clean whenever a problem comes up.

Put Donation Items Out of Reach

If your home is cluttered with items that you or your pet don’t use anymore, donate them to certain non-profits during your spring cleaning days. No doubt your pet will try to get into those items, but you can easily keep him or her out of reach by storing those items in a room or in an area that can’t be accessed. This may be the garage or on top of a large shelf. For pets that like to climb, you can seal those items up in a box. Decluttering your unused items offers a great chance to donate them to certain non-profits in the area.

Put Them in a Designated Playroom

If your pet just won’t leave you alone no matter what, then you should physically separate the two of you. Designate a room that’s going to be their playroom for the duration of your cleaning. Fill it with treats, water, and their favorite toys, so they can entertain themselves while you quickly do some cleaning. This should only be done when cleaning one room a day. You may also opt to let your pet play outside.

Spring cleaning can be an exhausting affair. This can be worsened by a pet that won’t leave you alone. These methods can help you clean even with a pet in the house.

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