3 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Train Your Dog

It’s great to have a companion especially if it is a dog that enjoys living indoors. If the dog is not trained to live peacefully with its human family and sometimes other pets, it can be more trouble than it’s worth.

Your Home Will Thank You (If it Could)

Your home may take the brunt of your untrained dog’s behavior. Soiled carpets are expensive to clean, and the smell of urine is never completely gone. An untrained dog may chew on upholstery, scratch surfaces and hurt other pets. It could cost you a lot in repair bills or reduce the value of your home in the future. Socializing a dog teaches it how to live with a family. A well-trained dog will respond to your commands so you can control his behavior inside your home and in outdoor areas.

You’ll Avoid Potential Legal Issues

Dogs can be surprisingly aggressive at times with humans and other dogs. If your dog decides she doesn’t like a person or other pet, she could start fights or bite a visitor. If a guest in your home is attacked by your dog, that may be grounds for a premise liability case. If it can be proven that your dog attacked without provocation, you may be liable for medical, legal and other payments. Along with an expensive lawsuit, it could cost you thousands of dollars in vet bills if your dog attacks and gravely injures another dog.

Training is Good for Your Dog

It’s fun to let your dog off its leash to run free, but if your dog doesn’t return to you when he is called, he could get into trouble. There may be impending dangers such as a busy street or a crowded place where dogs are not welcome or skunks or snakes in the woods. Dogs can be aggressive at times, and you may need your dog to obey your command if it looks like a dog fight is starting. It is important for your dog to respond immediately to your call and return to your side. Training teaches a dog how to meet new dogs without aggression.

Training your dog is as important for your dog’s health and happiness as it is for yours. Dogs love to feel like a valued member of the pack, which is your family, and training allows your dog to please you. It creates communication between you and your dog. These three reasons are why you absolutely need to train your dog.

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