15 Signs You’re a Crazy Husky Person [And You’re Proud of It]

1.  You refer to your husky as your baby, and you’re their mom or dad.

2. Things that are meant for human children are now intended for your Huskies as well…

3. When people ask you where you’ll see yourself in 10 years, you show them this:

4. You’ve already named your future husky, and it’s 10 soon-to-be siblings.

5. Doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are, if you see a husky then you MUST say hello to him or her.

6. Huskies naturally come to you because they know you’re a crazy husky person

7. You’re a hit with every husky you meet

8. You have trouble finding a significant other because nobody is as great as your husky

9. You’ve skipped on dinner or social outings because leaving your husky is too painful!

10. You spend a lot of money on toys and beds that get destroyed or remain unused.

11. You’re excited when the weekend comes because you can spend all your time with your HUSKY!

12. You have husky hair everywhere, but you don’t mind because it’s magical fur that brings you joy!

13. You speak the “Roo Roo” language, which is a unique language between you and your husky only.

Siberian Husky Blue Eyes

14. The ideal date night is with you and your husky.

15. You believe Huskies are the best breed in the world because… well, let’s face it. You’re a crazy husky person!


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