10 Ways To Tell If You’re A Goldendoodle Lover [And Proud Of It!]

waiving goldendoodle

1. You ALWAYS carry your goldendoodle around because they deserve the best.

golden doodle hug

2. You can’t wait to spend all of your weekends with the happiest face possible.

happy goldendoodle

3. Your goldendoodle is your forever child.

goldendoodle eating cereal

4. And sometimes you definitely treat him like a child.

Goldendoodle on a swingset

5. But you can’t help it! Look at that adorable face that’s always so excited when you get home.

Waving goldendoole

6. Just be prepared to then deal with this face when you leave for the day.

Sad goldendoodle waiting by the door

7. Oh and you probably have trouble finding a significant other because no one can match up to your goldendoodle.

GOldendoodle hugging a girl

8. So maybe you’ll just have to keep getting goldendoodles for the rest of your life.

Two goldendoodles smiling on the couch

9. And sometimes you spoil your goldendoodle with an abundance of toys which will never be used…

Goldendoodle not playing with a toy basketball

10. But no matter what happens, your goldendoodle is your superman and you’re always there for each other.

Goldendoodle dressed as Superman

Aaron has lived with many pets (furry family members) for all of his life. Whether his family was taking in stray cats, babysitting adorable puppies for friends, or adopting goldfish from the local fair in town, Aaron has always had a passion for ensuring the care and well-being of animals all around and continues to write to promote their well-being today.

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