The Real Truth Behind Dog Foods

dog food

The Real Truth Behind Dog Foods

Dog food is basically food meant for consumption by other canines and dogs specifically. Dogs are often regarded as carnivores with a primarily meat-based dietary pattern. However, studies have shown that dog food today has diversified into a much greater extent and it has also developed various segments and styles, such as treats, specialty foods, and much more.

Your dog needs certain basic ingredients to keep them healthy and fit, and the best dog food will provide these for your pet. These ingredients need to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of dogs, just like humans. Here is a list of the things that your pet’s need:

Meat. Your pet dog needs meat to provide them with protein, which can be found in poultry, fish, and other meat sources. Make sure you get your pet meat from a trusted source. You should never feed your dog kibble, since dry dog food contains too much fiber that could result to excessive gas and bloating. While kibble is convenient, it is not healthy and it can lead to constipation, flatulence, and other digestive problems.

Fish. Although fish can also be used as a primary ingredient in dog food, it is advisable to get your pet a mix of meat and vegetables. Since dogs may not be able to digest meat well, you may want to opt for a mix of poultry, fish, and/or vegetable based ingredients. Ask for advice from your veterinarian or seek assistance from an expert online before buying.

Vegetable. Some dog food brands offer complete vegetarian diets but this may not be a good idea for large breed dogs. The best dog food for large breed dogs is a complete one that has meat, vegetables, and root vegetables. Some brands offer vegetarian meals for those who do not like meat. This type of meal is ideal for lactose intolerant large breed dogs.

Dry Food. It is best to stick to dry food so you can be sure that the preservatives are completely removed. Aside from that, kibble may contain too many preservatives that can be harmful for long-term health. So if you prefer to buy dry food, check the label first to know which among the preservatives it contains are safe.

Grain. Some manufacturers use grain in their dog food mixes because they believe it provides a more balanced nutrition. However, this is actually not correct because grains may contain unhealthy components such as harmful gluten. Also, these elements can be eaten by carnivores and they may trigger the immune system to weaken, which is not ideal for long-term health.

Oats. These grains are not advisable because they contain a lot of calories. Because dogs also need plenty of energy to stay active, they can become obese. Obesity in dogs is triggered by consuming grains rich in sugar or starch. Since grains are not appropriate for carnivores, oats may be the better option for them.

Dry Dog Food. There are various types of dry dog food available in the market today. They contain special dietary needs of different dogs. Even if they are processed, they still provide the same nutrients that a dog needs in order to grow and develop normally. If you feed your dogs with kibble, here are a few tips you can follow in choosing the best food for them:

Real Meat. Make sure that the first ingredient in your dog food is real meat. Although some manufacturers may substitute vegetables or fruits for real meat, most of them use meat because it contains the nutrients that pets need.

Vegetables and Fruits. Real food for dogs should contain fresh vegetables and fruits. There are manufacturers who use freeze-dried ingredients instead. Although they may provide the same nutrients, vitamins and minerals, they are not as good for pets. In addition, many dog foods are already balanced so dogs cannot really tell whether the ingredients of the dry dog foods are meat vegetables, fruits or even vitamins.

Windows Nt. Your pets need the right proportion of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Make sure that the first ingredient in your dog food is windows nutrients. This will help prevent canine kidney stones, which are common in most breeds. You can find dog food in stores that use windows nutrients.