Dog Food – What is the Best?

Dog food meant for personal consumption by canines generally contains only meat as ingredients. Dog food is specifically designed and formulated for personal consumption by canines and other domesticated canines. Humans being basically carnivores are also considered as omnivores by many veterinarians. Hence the use of dog food has become a matter of controversy since dogs were domesticated long ago.

dog food

Initially, dog food consisted of only dried meat used as a source of protein and energy. Food for human consumption has come a long way since then. In recent times, dog food has included poultry meat such as chicken, turkey and other poultry products. The availability of various types of grains in dog food nowadays has helped dog owners to adjust their diets to include grains.

There is a huge amount of controversy over the use of ingredients in dog food. There are many people who believe that dry dog food is the best type of food to feed your pet. They claim that it provides proper nutrition while at the same time providing a healthier diet for the dog. While others claim that commercially manufactured food is much better than the homemade variety. The latter claims are based on the fact that commercial dog foods are mass produced and contain different ingredients in comparison to the homemade variety.

When it comes to quality, there is no denying the fact that commercially manufactured dog food is superior to the dry food. Commercial foods are usually produced using better quality ingredients than the dry variety. They also undergo a more extensive manufacturing process. Pet food that contains meat meal as its primary ingredient is known as lean meat food. The processing of this type of food ensures that the animal fat is not incorporated into the final product. The term „lean“ is defined as that which does not contain more than twenty percent fat.

Another factor that makes commercially manufactured dog food healthier than the normal home made variety is the fact that they are freeze dried within hours of being harvested. This ensures that the nutrients and the vitamins are locked in the food during transport. Freeze dried food also maintains the protein and the minerals in the food during transportation as well. This means that your dog’s food will stay fresh for much longer than the average home made food. It is also ideal for people who live in areas where natural food is not available.

The canned dog food is considered by many dog owners as the best of both worlds. The advantage of the canned food over the dry food lies in the fact that it can retain the vitamins and nutrients that are in the raw material. It also maintains the right balance of moisture in the food. Most dog food brands that are used in the United States are canned and most dogs tend to eat them regardless of their breed.

A lot of dog owners may have mixed feelings about commercial dog food especially because they feel that it degrades the quality of the dog’s food. There are however some advantages to commercially made dog food. Most commercial dog foods use meat as the main ingredient. Some dog owners feel that this reduces the dog’s health since they are eating a meat meal for their pet. However, the amount of meat in a commercial food is very small which means that your dog will be getting all the necessary nutrients without any harm to the dog’s body.

Dog owners will find that it is more difficult to choose the right dog food for their dog than what they may think. The best way to go about finding the best food for your dog’s diet is to talk to your veterinarian. They will know better than you what dog food is ideal for your pet.